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360 Studio Releases Hundreds of Professional Home Photos to Retail and Print On Demand Businesses, for Product Advertising!

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Retail and "Print On Demand"
Product Advertising Like Never Before!

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Photo Product Mockups for All Your Inventory Advertising

Below you will find product Mockup scenes for all areas of our lives and homes.

Photo Scenes Include: 
1) Exteriors
2) Entryways
3) Kitchens
4) Bedrooms
5) Dining Rooms
6)  Living Rooms

All photos created by Photographer Donna Gordon Owner of 360 Studio.

Housewares, fashion, toiletries... all have beautiful places to be, with the artistry of 360 Studio and the Pick Your Post Puffin!


Exterior & Entryway Product Scenes

Your designs will get noticed in busy feeds with this gorgeous imagery!

Choose any of the following beautiful JPEG scenes with instant download, and get start right away with your new product marketing campaign! 

Downloaded scenes can be used to enhance; print, social, video, blog, newsletters, emails or any other media where your products are the highlight!

Upgrade all your inventory with professional, realistic photography from 360 Studio and brought to you by ... The Pick Your Post Puffin

Kitchen &Bedroom Product Scenes

The Kitchen Is The Heart Of Our Homes and Our Bedroom Holds Our Most Personal Treasures.

Your Kitchen and Bedroom related products will be in very good hands, as part of these beautiful professional product advertisements.
All Scenes can be used in; print, social posts, video, blogs, newsletters, emails, or any other media where your products are the highlight!
Choose any of the following instant download and get started with your new marketing campaign today!

Dining Room & Living Room Product Scenes

The Dining Room is all about food and entertaining.

The Name Fits... The Living Room is where we Live and many things that bring us joy are kept here.

Your Inventory will be noticed in these warm and cozy scenes. Never be missed in busy feeds.
Downloads can be used in; print, social, video, blog, newsletters or any other media where your products are the highlight!